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* Unbowed Atheist

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* In 2014 atheism was rendered unlawful in Australia by judge Emilios Kyrou of the Victorian Supreme Court

* Blasphemy ruling in the guise of "defamation"

* Islamic Council of Victoria: the promoting of terrorism

* The Christian fable of an "atheist" Hitler

* The ANTI-SURREALISM of Greek Orthodox nationalistic racism

* Australia: blasphemy law by stealth


* New Atheism is unrelated to Palestine - Australian judge rules otherwise

* New Islam self-defined: terrorism

* New All Vakras art now unlawful with Kyrou's "finding"

* New The Nazis too considered surrealism to aid Jewish interests

* Newer Mohammad caricatures? kill Jews to help "Palestine"

* Newer Hitler and notoriety - and the Supreme Court

* Newer-ER! New Art - Supreme Court of Victoria crest shown as Sheela na-gig <R>

* Newer-ER! 2 New Art - Supreme Court of Victoria crest shown as Sheela na-gig (addenda) <R>

* Australian judiciary: a biased (parochial) fiefdom above the law and answerable to no-one

* New - coming soon

Original articles first published 15 June 2013

* Universities make anti-semetism "respectable"
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* The Left against the Jews
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* The case against Soutphommasane
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* Students for Palestine support Hitler's cause
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* Australian Mufti calls for genocide
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* Pro-Palestine cause same as Nazi cause
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* Yarra Socialists assault critics of Islam
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* Sue Bolton at anti-Wilders protest
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* Racist to criticise Islam. Really?
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* Yasemin Shamsili lies
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selection of articles from leeanneart blog (Lee-Anne Raymond)

* The "New" Atheists are BAD okay!

* Is David Nicholls of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc for real?

* The Burqa and Nicab - A choice or a suppression?

* Blasphemy Laws, Atheism and Offending Religion

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