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Revisionism has removed Christianity as the ideology behind Hitler's racism (antisemitism);

This then means that another claim is invented for Hitler's racism, being that Hitler and the Nazis invented "antisemitism".

The Nazis did not invent or create "antisemitism".

Antisemitism is Christian

A revisionist historical account has come to replace the historical record...:

"The thesis that manifestations of "Antisemitism" in the Third Reich
were largely a result of manipulations by Nazi politicians rather than the
reflection of true sentiments among the German people appears firmly
established nowadays."

Everyday Antisemitism in Pre-War Nazi Germany: The
Popular Bases
By Michael H. Kater

And, in replacing Christianity as the motivating force for Hitler's racism, another reason that has nothing to do with Christianity is introduced, being "Aryan supremacism" inspired by Darwinism.

Hitler was a Christian.

The hatred Hitler held for Jews was not one that arose in Hitler, that would otherwise never have come about were it not for Hitler. Hitler's hatred was a hatred that is innately Christian. And this Christian hatred led him to commit the genocide of Jews, because for the pious Hitler, genocide is called for in the Old Testament.

Hitler's actions were forged by his Christianity, not despite it.

Christianity, in particular the Orthodox (eastern) variant (such as the Greek Orthodox), still propound the same virulent message of hatred that characterised Nazi Germany, the hatred that had been propounded by Adolf Hitler.

Christians feigning "secularity", and horrified by Hitler's Christian actions, choose to propagate disinformation and campaign to absolve Christianity of blame by apportioning Hitler's racism to atheism.

Anyone who can show that HITLER WAS A CHRISTIAN ACTING ON DOCTRINAL CHRISTIAN RACISM AGAINST JEWS is someone that Christians understand to be an enemy of their faith.


Christians seek to attribute Hitler's ideas to his purportedly being an "atheist".

Apparently, "without the guidance of the Bible", which is promoted as "the good book" Hitler strayed.

Western nations such as Australia make proclamations of secular governance. All the while the head-of-state of a nation such as Australia is proclaimed to rule by the "grace of God":

"by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth"

The UK, ruled by the same head-of-state, proclaims that the head-of-state is not merely ruling by the "grace of god", but is also the

"Defender of the Faith"

That faith is Christianity

Rather than being a secular nation, Australia is a nation that derives its principles and values from religion (Christianity) with laws based on religion (Christianity) and with laws prohibiting criticism of religion (blasphemy) which, if not enforced by the courts openly, can be AND ARE applied by stealth.

george patton OZ jurist religion is basis of laws and values  book cover
A Textbook of Jurisprudence, January 25, 1973 by George Whitecross Paton

*George Whitecross Paton wrote that religious values underpin Australian (English) law.

Paton is cited by the British-Pakistai Mufti, Muhammad Taqi Usmani who writes that only in religion can the values of right and wrong, be found:

"... man should seek guidance from God and follow the revealed doctrines."

He quotes Paton (though this might be a translation from the English to Arabic, and then from Arabic back to English):

"The famous author of jurisprudence, George Paton has written: 'What interests should the real legal system protect? This is a question of values in which legal philosophy plays its part ... But however Much we desire the help of philosophy, it is difficult to obtain. No agreed scale of values has ever been reached indeed. It is only in religion that we can find a basis, and the truth of religion Must be accepted by faith or invitation and not purely on the result of logical argument. (Portion: Jurisprudences p. 121).'" p. 16, Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, "Islam and Modernism".

In the 2009 exhibition and publication Humanist Transuhmanist the very idea that we should be guided by Biblical or Koranic values was criticised. It was put in the essays accompanying the exhibition that following the values of religious doctrines would result in acts of misanthropy.

(Note:, the unusual capitalisations and disjointed sentences are how Paton's passage is quoted in the mufti's book)


Materially there is not much that differentiates Australia from Nazi Germany (or Greece). Australia, like Nazi Germany is governed by "rule of law".

Nazi rule was based, as is rule in Australia (and Greece), on Christianity and Christian values:

adolf hitler ruled to enforce christian values





Humanist Transhumanist Hitler based his genocide on the Bible
Above, pp. 30-31, Humanist Transhumanist. The racial purity pursued by Adolf Hitler is called for in Deuteronomy. Christianity, specifically the charges made against Jews in the crucifixion of Jesus in the New Testament, gave rise to Hitler's racism. Criticism of this formed part of the theme of religious criticism in the 2009 exhibition.

CONTENT REMOVED the law courts (which openly acknowledge deriving their ideals and values from the same book that guided Hitler, the Bible) see it as their role to preserve the Christian basis of the laws of the land (as the before-mentioned Paton wrote) they rule on.


Various Christian bodies have exercised a deliberate misinformation campaign which proclaims Hitler to be an atheist, so that the views of Christians are not examined and are not tainted by being shown to have been the basis for Hitler's hatred that led to his committing atrocities.

A result of Christian propaganda is that atheists have had to defend themselves against consistent and relentless Christian charges that they are "like Hitler", while Christianity, the ideology that guided Hitler is promoted as anti-Hitlerian.

ratzinger pope of western christians proclaims that Nazism was a consequence of secularism and atheism

Ratzinger, formerly Pope Benedict XVI, of western Christians, proclaimed that atheism and secular values brought about Nazism.


When Hitler committed his atrocities, he did so as a Christian:

Adolf Hitler: "[The Jew's] life is only for this world, and his spirit is inwardly as alien to true Christianity as his nature two thousand years previous was to the great founder of the new doctrine. Of course, the latter made no secret of his attitude toward the Jewish people, and when necessary he even took to the whip to drive from the temple of the Lord this adversary of all humanity… In return, Christ was nailed to the cross…" Mein Kampf, p. 278

Adolf Hitler: "...I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." Mein Kampf p.60

[ A Christian Hitler ]

At Nuremberg, a fantasy was presented - BY PRACTITIONERS OF LAW - where blame for Hitler's and the Nazi's "moral short-comings" was due to their lack of Christianity.

Whether or not the idea of an atheist Hitler had its origins at Nuremberg, the show-trials of the Nazis in Nuremberg proclaimed the "Hitler as atheist" idea as an incontrovertible fact.

Ever since Nuremberg atheists have had to defend themselves against the charge of being Nazis.

Ratzinger, the former Catholic Pope, condemned atheism as Nazism in London in 2010.

Every atheist has been forced to address the question of Hitler because of Nuremberg.

And the charge of "Nazi atheists" is continuously made despite the knowledge that the Nazis persecuted atheists, and Hitler consistently proclaimed his Christianity.

atheists persecuted by Nazis

For the prosecutors at Nuremberg the historical record that shows the Christian priesthood partaking in official Nazi functions, rather than something to be considered, was an inconvenience that was never acknowledged.

At Nuremberg the Christian prosecutors fabricated the reasons behind the Nazi's actions. The Nazis, it was declared, did what they did because they held ideas that were incompatible with Christianity.

Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Vol. 1
Indictment : Count One

(Charter, Article 6, especially 6 (a))


3. Consolidation of control.
(c) The Nazi conspirators conceived that, in addition to the suppression of distinctively political opposition, it was necessary to suppress or exterminate certain other movements or groups which they regarded as obstacles to their retention of total control in Germany and to the aggressive aims of the conspiracy abroad. Accordingly:

(2) The Nazi conspirators, by promoting beliefs and practices incompatible with Christian teaching, sought to subvert the influence of the churches over the people and in particular over the youth of Germany. They avowed their aim to eliminate the Christian churches in Germany and sought to substitute therefor Nazi institutions and Nazi beliefs, and pursued a program of persecution of priests, clergy, and members of monastic orders whom they deemed opposed to their purposes, and confiscated church property.


Hitler's racism is blamed on Darwin.

When Darwin first proposed his theory on how evolution occurred he was derided and ridiculed.

In Genesis, the Bible declares that humanity was created in the image of god. This god is perfect. And Darwin's theory of evolution took god out of the equation. This caused Christianity offence.

adaptation evolution sydney museum
Darwin's "theory" sought to explain how adaptive changes occurred in what was already known and had been observed in fossil and anatomical records. Photo above taken by the author at the Sydney Museum shows how different body parts were adapted by the proccesses of evolution to suit different uses and functions.

Darwin was ridiculed and caricatures represented him as "a monkey", not the image of god, in whose image Christians believe they were made in.

Darwin portrayed as an ape (image source: )

When Hitler derided the Jews, he derided them in the same Christian fashion that Darwin had been derided, by claiming Jews would turn humans into something less, apes, and that this would be offensive to god in whose image humans were created. God for the Nazis was not an ape. God for Christians is not an ape. Had Hitler been a "Darwinist", he would have known that we are already apes.

Adolf Hitler: "...there is only one holiest human right... the holiest obligation... to see to it that the blood is preserved pure... which is called upon to produce images of the Lord and not monstrosities halfway between man and ape..." pp. 365-366 Mein Kampf

Adolf Hitler: "... [the goal is] to put an end to the constant and continuous original sin of
racial poisoning, and to give the Almighty Creator beings such as He Himself
Created." p. 369 Mein Kampf

When Hitler called for genocide, his calls were entirely consistent with the calls for genocide in the Bible (eg Deuteronomy) that demanded the purity of the race be preserved. And this criticism was made in Humanist Transhumanist, 2009.

Above, right, Pythia between χαός and χασμός, exhibited in 2009, critical of Old Testament passages such Deuteronomy and Ezra that call for genocide.

Nevertheless, Christian propaganda has not allowed a few facts to get in the way.

christians object to evolution like hitler did, Screenshot of the Wikipedia article on "Objections to evolution". Christians, continue to object to evolution and see in evolution a rejection of god, atheism. From there Christians leap to the claim that the Christian Hitler was really an atheist.

Darwin took god out of the equation. We are not created in the image of god, perfect or otherwise. We are merely animals, just like any other animal, with no special significance or worth or purpose.

The is no "moral worth" to evolution, no moral necessity "to evolve", that compels us to seek to "evolve" as a moral duty.

The "theory" of evolution is the attempt to explain how adaptations, which are known to have occurred happened, and how the adaptations that did occur occurred in relation to changing environments. It is not as if Darwin proposed that evolution was a moral or ethical obligation that species purposefully undertook and that they consciously strove to "evolve" into something "purer" or "better" as if they had a preconceived objective they wished to evolve into.

Despite this, Darwin is (ab)used by Christians and they claim he is the reason for Adolf Hitler's crimes simply on the false claim that Hitler was an "atheist".

Christians objected to evolution because humanity was shown to have evolved from (and essentially was not much more than) apes

Hitler's objection was to humanity "de-evolving" into the apes, which is what Darwin (essentially) said we already were, so how could Hitler have been inspired by Darwinism?

Darwinism itself insults the god who in Genesis creates humankind in his own image the very god Hitler claimed his Germans were created in the image of. Darwin was not concerned about humans having evolved from apes, but Christians are, and so too was Hitler.

Christian propaganda is unconcerned by logic or reason and the pursuit of racism, urged by the Bible, is blamed on Darwin and atheism.

American Creationsts publish books making false claims

Extraordinarily the Bible that disallows those marked by YHWH with injury (missing an eye, nose, or hand, or menstruating) from entering a church, because they reflect poorly on the perfect god on whom they are modeled and which is the actual reason for Hitler's theories of eugenics, is spared the criticism it deserves. Christians would rather make Darwin (who never wrote any such thing) and not the Bible, responsible for inspiring Hitler's crimes. It is the Bible that advocates keeping the race pure, not Darwin, and it is the Bible that Hitler cites, not Darwin.

The appeal of Hitler lay in his articulating a pseudo-scientific basis [using social-Darwinism] for the cultural and religious prejudices which underlay European civilization. That is, the Bible calls for racial purity, and Hitler attempted give this a "scientific" footing by misusing Darwin.

The problem for Christians remains: Christians today, claim to revile Hitler and yet still propound the same Biblical antisemitism of Hitler.


The most heinous element of Hitler and Nazism was the attempted extermination of the Jews. Though Christians have sought to blame Darwin and atheism for this crime, the Christianity behind Hitler's Christian crime cannot be ignoredCONTENT REMOVED

To make a lie of the Christian stance on Hitler, modern Europe provides us with Greece.

Like Nazi Germany Greece is almost homogeneously Christian.

And, like Nazi Germany, Greeks still propound the same hatred against Jews as did Adolf Hitler.

And, like the Nazis, the Greeks do not accept this to be racism because it is part of their religion.

athanasius greek orthodox jew-hater
In Greek Orthodox dogma reference to Jews uses the epithet "θεοκτόνος", "god-murderer". Athanasius, revered by Eastern Orthodox Christians, is an antisemite (racist), and characterises Greek Christian racism.
Jews are blamed for the θεοκτονία, deicide.


Greeks call jews god-murderers
Greek Orthodox dogma employs the epithet "θεοκτόνος", "god-murderer", as a specific reference to Jews.


Chrisitan Christological theory (on the nature of Christ) follows:

“In the beginning was Λόγος [word/reason], and the Word was with God, and the word was god.” John 1.1

“The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1.14

“I and the Father are one.” John 10.30

“Again the Jews picked up stones to stone him... ‘We are... stoning you... for the blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.” John 10.31-33

“He [Christ] was shown in outward appearance as a human being, from a human virgin; in hidden reality he was God, from God the Father.” Augustine, City of God, Book XVIII, 46, Bettenson translation (Penguin).



jewish deicide central to chritian jew hatred
Greek Orthodox Easter Liturgy condemns "the murderers of God, the lawless nation of the Jews".

Greek Othodox religion is unambiguously racist.


Antisemitism in Greece

"Antisemitism in Greece manifests itself in religious, political and media discourse.
… [Greece] is overwhelmingly Greek Orthodox Christian by faith. …Orthodox Christianity is enshrined in the Constitution as the dominant faith of the land … The great majority of country's traditional population is Christian Orthodox and religion is an integral part of Greek life. … Greeks find it difficult to conceive that someone can be Greek without being of Greek Orthodox faith.


hitler blames jews for inciting hate of jesus
Adolf Hitler hated Jews because Christianity is racist.

Hitler utilised the antisemitism of the deicide to incite hatred against Jews. Hitler supported Muslims who on doctrinal grounds similar to the doctrine of Christians, call Jews "prophet killers".

The Greek Orthodox Church refuses to repudiate the antisemitism it shares with Adolf Hitler.


In modern Greece it is that nation's Christianity that is behind its reprehensible racism. Golden Dawn, described as "far right", propounds Hitler's message.

Golden Dawn promote hatred of Jews by referring Jews as "the crucifiers", a Christian charge also made against Jews by Hitler who did not want to see Germany crucified by the Jews as was Jesus;

Golden Dawn objects to the "Zionists", a Christian charge made against Jews, also made by Hitler who also used the epithet "Zionist" to incite hatred against Jews;

Golden Dawn explicitly proclaim the Christian bona fides of their racist hatred of Jews. Golden Dawn refer to Jews as the "descendants of the race of Judas" and categorically state that (Greek Orthodox) Christianity is the source of their enmity, the same Christian source for Hitler's enmity.

The racism of Golden Dawn is Christian, as was the racism of Hitler.

The racism of Golden Dawn is Greek Orthodox Christianity which clings to the racism that the Christianity of western churches has since renounced, most famously, the repudiation by the Roman Catholic Church of the antisemitism of its Easter Liturgy in 1965.

Greek Orthodox Religious Racism is well known and indisputable

The Greek Orthodox position on Jews is racist and this too is indisputable:

greek orthodox racists share the same racism as adolf hitler

"Eastern Christianity
The Holy Friday liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Byzantine Catholics uses the expression "impious and transgressing people",[8] but the strongest expressions are in the Holy Thursday liturgy, which includes the same chant, after the eleventh Gospel reading, but also speaks of "the murderers of God, the lawless nation of the Jews",[9] and, referring to "the assembly of the Jews", prays: "But give them, Lord, their reward, because they devised vain things against Thee."[10]" (


The primary reason for ANYONE to seek to prevent "a comparison to Hitler" is

to allow for others who also hold the views held by Hitler to continue holding such views without being called to account for holding them; so that they do not have to answer for their racism.

manhem translation of mein kampf, cover

Introduction to the Manheim translation of the Mein Kampf into english. D.C. Watt writes:

There are those who would sooner let his ideas lie: some because his memory is something they would like to be forgotten so that their own advocacy of similar ideas might be unhindered by recollection” D. C. Watt, p. xii, (ISBN 009112431X)



THE CHRISTIAN BASIS OF ANTISEMITISM - Hitler's antisemitism is identical to the contemporary antismeitism of Greek Orthodox Christians - it's not a secret!

Christian Antisemitism: A History of Hate Paperback – June 1, 1995
by William Nicholls,

"...stunning research, stating that Christian teaching is primarily responsible for antisemitism. As Nicholls states, these conclusions 'can now be fully justified by the most up-to-date scholarship, Christian as well as Jewish.' Nicholls writes, 'Many Jewish writers have said, quite simply, that the Nazis chose the Jews as the target of their hate because two thousand years of Christian teaching had accustomed the world to do so. Few Christian historians and theologians have been sufficiently open to the painful truth to accept this explanation without considerable qualification. Nevertheless, it is correct.' Christian Antisemitism traces, over two millennia, the growing domination of Western culture by the Christian 'myth' (as Nicholls calls it) about the Jews, and shows how it still exerts a major influence even on the secularized 'post-Christian world.' Nicholls shows, through scrupulous research and documentation, that the myth of the Jews as Christ-killers has powered anti-Judaism and antisemitism throughout the centuries. "

christian antisemitism led to holocaust

atheists trusted less than rapists
Despite the evidence, faithers have faith that only the absence of faith could result in Hitler,


A belief is not the equivalent to a logical corollary. And, a logical corollary is not "an opinion". Australia's judiciary conflate these concepts and deem them to be of the same meaning.