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A judge in the Supreme Court of Victoria "found" the exhibition Humanist Transhumanist of 2009 which was critical of religion to be "offensive". He provided no specific reason for calling the exhibition "offensive" other than his stating this as an unchallengeable fact.

The exhibition criticised Christianity, especially the role that religion played in giving rise to the hatred of Adolf Hitler which was used to incite the hatred against Jews that led to the holocaust.

Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf was quoted in the context of the Old Testament passages that urge racial purity. Hitler then committed the genocide demanded in the Old Testament against those described as anti-Christ in the New Testament, the Jews. Hitler's racist hate of Jews was based on the New Testament, and the genocide he committed is demanded in the Old Testament.

Christianity was criticised for having destroyed our understanding of the meanings behind ancient mythological concepts. Two thousand years of Christianity allowed for the swastika, an ancient Greek symbol, to be turned into and used as a symbol for Nazi racism. The Medousa (alternately, Medusa, η Μέδουσα) - in a running pose - is the swastika rendered as an anthropotherion. Medousa gammadion was one of the exhibited works. The crucifix or star of David, I wrote in 2009, should have been the appropriate symbol to represent the genocide Hitler committed.

Ever since Hitler and the Nazis undertook the kind of genocide called for in the Bible, a Christian alleigance to their god, an allegiance motivated by the same defensive impulses that gave rise to blasphemy laws, has seen Christians embark on a massive propaganda campaign to protect their god's fame from injury, and deny what Hitler stated in Mein Kempf and what Hitler advocated in his speeches. And, by such means, zealous Christians have sought to absolve their religion of its role in the genocide committed.



Medousa gammadion,above right and below, is one of the new "Mytheic" series introduced in the exhibition of 2009. Below, p.32, Humanist Transhumanist.

KYROU (of the Supreme Court of Victoria) : CHAOS CHASM SOPHIA (WISDOM) "FOREIGN WORDS", "OFFENSIVE", available on Austlii

Kyrou's (του Κύρου) "finding" was that foreign words used by this author, (words that were written in Greek script) were the cause of offence that necessitated Cripps disclaiming and disendorsing the show by posting disclaimers throughout the exhibtion space.


The words that caused the said offence were χαός, χασμός, σοφία (Chaos, chasm, wisdom). These words are concepts which in pre-Christian Greek mythology were abstractions that were deified. CONTENT REMOVED


cripps disclaimer due to offensiveness of greek words

2009 exhibition, Vakras:
2009 exhibition, Lee-Anne Raymond:
Summary (ArtLeaks): ArtLeaks
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Humanist Transhumanist


chaos the void from whence all came in greek mythology
chasm the void whence Pythia got her prophetic powers
sofia, wisdom a deified abstraction in greek mythology
The etymologies of words such as chaos, chasm, and wisdom (sophia) - χαός, χασμός. σοφία - are available on-line, as the screenshots taken from an iPhone Google search indicate. Emilios Kyrou declared that my use of these "foreign" words was reasonably insidious and that my use of these words therefore made necessary the actions taken against me and co-exhibitor, Lee-Anne Raymond by Robert Cripps who put up disclaimers of liability throughout the exhibition space.


2009 exhibition, Vakras:
2009 exhibition, Lee-Anne Raymond:
Summary (ArtLeaks): ArtLeaks
Redleg V Artists: Redleg V Artists

Humanist Transhumanist




Surrealism: anti-religion anti-nationalism

For Greek Orthodox Christians, surrealism is an act of treason betraying one's nation

A synopsis of surrealism from the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria, state art museum), explains that surrealism was:

a rebellion "against all forms of authoritarian control",

that its practitioners drew on the "irrational logic of dreams",

"attacke[d] nationalism, religion… mechanisms that had contributed to war",

with themes that include "sexuality and violence inextricably [blended]", and was "transgressive".


The Greek Orthodox Church in Greece has been pursing "blasphemers" assisted by Golden Dawn, the extreme Greek Christian fundamentalist party.

Greek blasphemy laws constitute part of the enforcement of Greek identity which is: Greek Orthodox Christian.

"… [Greece] is overwhelmingly Greek Orthodox Christian by faith. …Orthodox Christianity is enshrined in the Constitution as the dominant faith of the land … The great majority of country's traditional population is Christian Orthodox and religion is an integral part of Greek life. … Greeks find it difficult to conceive that someone can be Greek without being of Greek Orthodox faith."


Recently the Greek Church filed a lawsuit against a surrealist artist for the committing of blasphemy.

The artist defended his art, defining it as "surrealism".

Supporters of the church, who supported the action taken against the artist, described surrealism as a "Jewish conspiracy" that had sought to "discredit Christianity and Nationalism".

Greece is a nation defined by Greek Orthodox Christianity, in which Greek Orthodox religion is written into its constitution, in which the head of the Orthodox Church swears in the government, and in which offence is found in that which criticises or "demeans" what is believed to constitute the character of the nation, the character of "true" Greeks, their Christianity.


"Greek artist acquitted of blasphemy charges"

"After the artist was acquitted, the plaintiffs and their supporters were up in arms, screaming at the defendant and his lawyer loving christian wishes, such as 'cancer on your children', 'you’ll be tortured by demons in hell' and 'how much did the arch-rabbi pay you?'.

accusing everyone involved in the defense and the judge of being a Freemason … rants against Surrealism, because it was used as a defense in the trial and somehow manages to also involve 'Hebrew Talmudists' as having orchestrated Surrealism to discredit Christianity and Nationalism.

The video subtitle reads 'The Antichrists and Anti-hellenic judges, satisfying both the Jewish Synagogue and Freemasonry, on March 14th, 2013, acquitted Kavalieratos who made the insulting paintings against Jesus Christ and the Most Holy Virgin Mary'."


Golden Dawn, endorsed by the Greek Orthodox Church, has recently run afoul of that church because one (or more) members of that party have shown some interest in the "pagan" ideas of their ancestors - the very same "pagan" ideas that were part of my 2009 exhibition. CONTENT REMOVED


Dionysis Kavallieratos was prosecuted for "blasphemy" in Greece, for work deemed offensive to Orthodox Christians. His work shows Jesus with his penis turned into the seven-headed "beast from the sea" from the book of Revelations (NT). Fellatio is performed on these seven heads by the nine headed Lernaean Hydra.

Pre-Chrisitan ("pagan") and Christian themes are combined.

Dionysis Kavallieratos' works can be seen on Tumblr

Demetrios Vakras, medousa gammadion, is shown between χαός and χασμός. The medousa is represented as a swastika rendered as an anthropotherion. The essay accompanying the image criticised the 2000 years of Christianity that allowed for the swastika to be commandeered by Hitler and used by him as a symbol under which he committed his Christian murders.

This is a commentary on pre-Christian ("pagan") themes corrupted by a Christian understanding.

Emilios Kyrou described the exhibition this work was shown in as "offensive".


The Greek Christian mentality:
1) anything that is critical of Christianity or rejects Christianity is "anti-Christian" and therefore blasphemous; and
2) it is therefore anti-Greek since in that country a Greek is defined, by law, as being of Greek Orthodox religion (which is enshrined in its constitution);
and due to the explicit antisemitism of Greek Orthodox Christian religion,
3) it is thus a rejection of Christ which when understood according to a New Testament model means it is a "Jewish" rejection of Christianity.

The antisemitism on which Greek racism is based can be found in the New Testament where Jews are decried as the anti-Christ because Jews reject the divinity of Jesus.



“... the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come... They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us...” 1 John 2.18-19

“Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist - he denies the Father and the Son.” 1 John 2.22

“Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist.” 2 John 7


Greek Orthodox Christianity describes critics of Christianity as "anti-Christ". This definition for "anti-Christ" is derived from the New Testament: it is the advocation of antisemitism because Jews had rejected Christ.

[I have written about this before, in 2004 ]

Greek Orthodox Christianity on "atheism"

The definition and understanding of "anti-Christ" is derived directly from doctrine, the New Testament, and those who in the New Testament reject Christ are Jews. According to Christiological theory, Jesus was the incarnation of god in human form (and not a seperate entity). In the Greek Consistution this is refered to as the "Indivisible Trinity". Doctinally, to reject of Jesus, as do the Jews, is to reject god. Atheism is characterised as Jewish.


Chrisitan Christological (the nature of Christ) theory follows:

“In the beginning was Λόγος [word/reason], and the Word was with God, and the word was god.” John 1.1

“The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1.14

“I and the Father are one.” John 10.30

“Again the Jews picked up stones to stone him... ‘We are... stoning you... for the blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.” John 10.31-33

“He [Christ] was shown in outward appearance as a human being, from a human virgin; in hidden reality he was God, from God the Father.” Augustine, City of God, Book XVIII, 46, Bettenson translation (Penguin).

On the nature of Christ: according to Christian belief he was the physical manifestation of god in human form, part of the trinity (father, son, and holy spirit) and not an entity seperate from the whole.



Ρατσισμός τον Ελλήνων. Ο ελληνικός Χριστιανισμός είναι ο μόνος είδος του Χριστιανισμού που εκφράζει της ιδέες και το μίσος του Αδόλφου Χίτλερ (Adolf Hitler) και τον Nazi. Ο σταυρός του Χριστού είναι σύμβολο ελληνικού μίσος.

Racism of the Greeks. Greek Christianity is the only form of Christianity that expresses the ideas and the hatred of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. The crucifix of Christ is the symbol of Greek hatred.

Greek antisemitism manifests itself in Easter liturgies, as well as in the form of individuals from within the clergy. One such representative of the Greek Orthodox Christian clergy is bishop Karanicolas who wrote a book titled "Jews and Christians".

In it, Karanicolas uses the kind of language any reader of Mein Kampf is familiar with:

"the 'power of the Jews [who] suck the blood of the people'. He considered the Jews to be citizens of the 'State of Jewish theocracy [Israel] and the World Zionist State'" (Greek Orthodox bishop Karanicolas, quoted from wikipedia, antisemitism in Greece)

In writing his book, Karanicolas is emulating the Arab Nazi Muslim, al Husseini.

Al Husseini, a Nazi whose Islamic cause was supported by Adolf Hitler, authored a pamphlet, "Jews and Islam". In it, al Husseini cites the genocide-of-the-Jews hadith, which is still used by Hamas today as the goal pursued in "Palestine". It was the goal pursued by Adolf Hitler.


The Mufti, al Husseini, in his expression of the antisemitism which defines and characterises Islam claimed, in his WW2 Arab-language Nazi radio broadcasts from Berlin, that the Jews "suck the blood" of other peoples, paraphrasing what Hitler had already written in Mein Kampf, which is precisely how Karanicolas has expressed Greek Orthodox Christian racism.

hitler declares jews parasites who kill off host peoples

Greeks define themselves according to Christian Orthodoxy which is part of the constitution. Greek Orthodox Christianity is characterised by antisemitism (which the church refuses to repudiate)

Golden Dawn, which has been disingenuously described as an aberration of the Greek Orthodox Christian character, is instead an emphatic representation of Greek Christianity (though there are some exceptions). Golden Dawn, is a product of, and reinforceces the Christianity of Greeks.

It has been suggested that Golden Dawn's popularity arose from the economic problems that country faces. However, the success of Golden Dawn is the product of a nation that promotes Christianity as the quintessential trait that identifies Greeks as a people.

Promoting Christianity promotes the nation, nationalism. Referring to nationalism as being "racist" and "Nazi" is offensive to Greeks, because, like Hitler, their nationalism is their Christianity and to be anti-nationalist is to be anti-Christian. It is therefore offensive to show that Hitler was a Christian who advocated for a Germany run on Christian values.


A belief is not the equivalent to a logical corollary. And, a logical corollary is not "an opinion". Australia's judiciary conflate these concepts and deem them to be of the same meaning.