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Australia's Muslims (refer ICV) openly proclaim doing what is in the Koran and hadith to be necessary. The information provided here is from the ICV website (9).

The ICV proclaim that to not practice what is in the Koran and hadith is to commit a "transgression", a "sin"; they describe the practice of doing what is in the Koran and hadith as "being Muslim"; that the practice of what is in the Koran and hadith is not "extremism" or "Islamism"; that to not practice the acts in the Koran and hadith is an "illusion" of those who "pose as devout Muslims"; they condemn those who "despise" "Muslims" - that is, those who criticise what Islamic doctrine says must be done that makes them Muslim.

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The subtle nuances of Islam defined: SUBMIT, SURRENDER, OBEY


The definition of the word Islam, and the meaning of Islam (taken from a small section of the ICV page, (9)) is:
1) "submission", (mentioned 7 times);
2) "peace", (mentioned once);
3) "obedience", (mentioned twice);
4) "surrender", (mentioned 3 times).

With a plethora of meanings defining "Islam", it is not difficult to understand why confusion exists in conveying the subtle nuances of Islamic faith and the meaning of "Islam" to non-Muslims.

( NOTE, the ICV association of the word "Islam" with "peace" is wrong. The word "Islam" does not mean "peace". The best resource on Islam (though not the only one) on the internet is wikiislam. Regarding the etymology of Islam: "Lissan al-Arab, one of the most authoritative lexicons of the Arabic language, mentions that the word 'Islam' is derived from the root verb istaslama (استسلاما); which means 'to submit' or 'give in' or 'surrender'".



secular muse painting - criticism is made of the KOranic passages that call for war because god syas waging war is good and the means by which god selects those who go to heaven (paradise)
(1) attempting the destruction of the secular muse exhibited in 2009 with accompanying essays

Islam's perpetual war against "the Jews" until Jews are extinct (5.5).

Islam's war against "the Jews" is a based on Islamic doctrine, which Muslims must act on. Islam's war against the Jews is waged regardless of what the state of Israel does or does not do. Jews in Islam are referred to as "Israelis" (Bani Irsa'il (3)) and have been referred to as such for 1300 years prior to the existence of the modern state. Accusations against "Israel" are made by Muslims specifically against Jews, the race, and have nothing to do with Israel, the state.

As the ICV proclaims it is the duty of all Muslims to do ALL the acts ordered in the Koran and hadith. It is incumbent on Muslims to:
1) wage perpetual war, jihad (5);
2) until "the end of time" ("judgement day", "the Last Hour" (4));
3) which cannot come about without the complete genocide of the Jews, Bani Irsa'il (4) ; (and, since the Bani Irsa'il currently live in the land promised to Muslims, "Palestine", al Shām)
4) The Bani Irsa'il, "the Jews", Israel, must be destroyed.

"According to the Koran life is made attractive by god so that we desire not to die as it is intended by god as a test of our resolve to obey his edicts: only those of strong character will willingly forgo this attractive life to die waging war against unbelievers to demonstrate that they are true Muslims1; the purpose of life is to wage war2; the only way to guarantee ascent to heaven is to die while killing unbelievers3" (Humanist Transhumanist, p.25)



The jihadis who are traveling to "Syria" are traveling to "Palestine" (2), which is, according to doctrine, a Muslim land, and which the jihadis themselves proclaim to be "Muslim land" (2), and which includes in its ambit the modern state of Israel ( (6), (7), (8)) and the objectives and motivations for the jihadis are to be found in the Koran and hadith. They are traveling to "Palestine" (al Shām (6), (7), (8)) to die as "martyrs", suicide killers.



Though there is no direct or intended association of "Islam" with "Palestine", the Koranic passages criticised in Humanist Transhumanist in 2009, were nevertheless associated with "Palestine" and "the Jews" by the owner of the gallery the works were exhibited in; and the exhortations of the Koran that orders pious Muslims to commit suicide killings which was criticised in that exhibition, was claimed to be "racist" on the grounds that "Muslims react to Jews". Quoting the Koran, it was claimed, would cause someone to blame Muslims and not Jews, because the objective is to blame the Jews for what is done to them. The gallery owner, Cripps sued for "defamation" on this being written. CONTENT REMOVED

What this exposes is exactly what I wrote in 2009

those who blame Jews are racists who do not want their prejudice exposed for what it is, a blind hatred, and who want to blame Jews for what is done to them by Muslims and who do not want it known that Muslims do these acts because they follow the commands of the Koran and hadith and not because of anything that "the Jews" do. Those who support the Muslim cause in Palestine, are supporting the a cause that seeks the genocide of the Jews which is what Hitler and the Nazis also sought (5.5).





(5.5) Al Hussein was not expressing a personal opinion, but propounding a central belief of Islam as it appears in Islamic doctrine, the Koran and hadith

(6) Islamic doctrine (the hadith) proclaims "Palestine" (al Shām), Syria (which includes modern Israel), as having been given by god to Muslims (Abu Dawud Book 008, Hadith Number 2477) - hence the war in "Palestine" is a war that has been UNILATERALLY declared, and waged by Islam against Jews.



(9) The subtle nuances of Islam: submit, surrender, obey

(10) The consistency of Islam's ability to produce terrorists is because doctrine demands it. Above, al Hilali, another Mufti who advocates suicide murders which are a central belief of Islam.

(11) The consistency of Islam's ability to produce terrorists is because doctrine demands it. Above, the "moderate" Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, visited Gaza to encourage Muslims waging war there to commit the genocide of the Jews, citing the genocide hadith (4), "we will make the stones, trees and people of Gaza talk". And what the stones and trees say according to the hadith is "there is a Jew behind me, kill him".


what is a racist?
well, it's not a "racial supremacist"

prejudice a prejudgement without basis in reason


A belief is not the equivalent to a logical corollary. And, a logical corollary is not "an opinion". Australia's judiciary conflate these concepts and deem them to be of the same meaning.