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Unbowed Atheist first appeared as a Demetrios Vakras blog when 10 articles were published on 15 June 2013. These articles can still be found at


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I rejected the concept of "god" as an absurdity at age 7. The logical fallacies that constitute the desire to believe in that which is not, that which cannot be, and which can never be - "god" - do not become less fallacious as time progresses. However, in 2001 some intensely pious god-believers, who faithfully followed their religious doctrine committed mass murder on behalf of their fantastic delusion of god (fantastic = fantasy). Suddenly post "9/11" atheism was racism if criticism of religion included in the ambit of that criticism, criticism of the fantastic delusion of Islam. Apparently Allah, a being who exists in the fantasy of one branch of theists, is a god who though unable to exist in the realm of logic, is beyond criticism. This too was once Christianity's stance; protecting a chimera capable of being destroyed by the light of reason who needed protection from reason. Until 2001 I was an atheist with leftist inclinations. After 2001 I, as atheist, have been declared "far right" and "racist" by critiquing Islam, as if it is somehow different. The god-fantasy remains a fantasy regardless of whether the fantasy is called Allah, YHWH, Christ or Ormazd.

Demetrios Vakras, 15 June 2013

atheists persecuted worldwide ahteists killed

Unreason (the irrational) is imposed by brute force by the state using its apparatus, the judiciary. This, referred to as "rule of law", is enforced with fanatical zeal by a judiciary whose powers are not limited by the law of the state.

The judiciary is one of the three "Arms" of Government ("Branches" in the USA). In Australia the judiciary's obligation to religion is expressed in multiple instances and is implemented by the courts by stealth. Judges not only champion the role of religion in the formulation and implementation of law (in which "law" is taken to be synonymous with Biblical "Law") but are increasingly becoming more strident in declaring they are guided by their religious interests.

Any individual who openly professes atheism opens themselves to prospective prosecution. Criminal law is limited in its capacity to control atheism. Civil law avails the judiciary not only the capacity to curtail the ability of the atheist to express their ideas, but gives them the means by which to discredit the atheist and their ideas – something a criminal prosecution (or execution) cannot do. The ability of Civil penalties to curtail the expression of ideas by the atheist can be achieved with the imposition of massive financial penalties, which for me, this Author, in dollar terms, has been well over $930 thousand (excluding the interest that has accrued on that figure since 2014). I have been deprived my home and art studio. And without a studio, I have been deprived the capacity to produce art. The art that was to be hosted on (registered in 2012) has not materialised, and that site essentially remains "fallow".

Atheism is not "political". Atheism is nothing more than stating the obvious: "the divine" does not survive the scrutiny of reason. The various arguments against the concept of "god" have been established for a while and there is not much more to add to them. It is the capacity for clear rational thinking that is under attack and which has been politicised. Thinking has become dangerous and is increasingly being restricted.

The persecution of those who apply reason (to the question of belief in the irrational, the "divine") by the judiciary has made necessary this site. Rather than providing arguments showing the logical absurdity of any proposition that proclaims the existence of a a supernatural being, "god" (which I was pursuing in, this site is instead a political attack on the state's imposition of unreason,  "god", via its judicial arm.

The actions of Australia's judiciary against me are addressed in On can be found the complaint (petition) against Australia made to Geneva in 2017 by myself,  and (co-exhibitor to our 2009 art exhibition), Lee-Anne Raymond.

Below, a screenshot of a photo posted to Facebook by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia. Kyrou, a judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria, eulogising from the pulpit of a Christian Orthodox Church in Melbourne. Kyrou has elsewhere proclaimed that he is guided by an imaginary being.

Kyrou Orthodox Greek judge preaching the Biblical basis of "god" from pulpit

Australia instituted a panel to review "Religious Freedom" with t
he Australian government  seeking to formalise what the judiciary has been putting into practice. The objective of the government and its panel was clearly articulated by government minister Scott Morrison.

Morrison, who proclaims a belief in an imaginary being, stated that it is a:
“fight back against discrimination and mockery of Christians and other religious groups in 2018”

"it all starts when you allow religious freedoms [to be eroded], mockery to be made of your faith or your religious festivals – it always starts innocently and it's always said it is just a joke – just like most discrimination does".
"And I'm just gonna call that out. With what I've seen happen in the last year, I've just taken the decision more recently, I'm just not going to put up with that any more, I don't think my colleagues are either."
"Where I think people are being offensive to religion in this country – whichever religion that might be, but particularly the one I and many other Christians subscribe to – well, we will just call it out and we will demand the same respect that people should provide to all religions." (Age, 22 December 2017).

My submission was made to the panel on 11 February 2018 and clearly stated that I consented to it being published along with my name. Nevertheless I received a curious email in April asking if I consented to it being published, to which I responded in the affirmative.

Without explanation, the Australian government did not publish my submission.
The government has failed to respond to my correspondence seeking an explanation.

Below is my submission with its annexures

Demetrios Vakras freedom of Religion Submission pdf icon

Annexure 1 Kyrou Greek Orthodox Archdiocese
Annexure 2 Kyrou Religion & Law, Law Institute journal
Annexure 3 Marilyin Warren/ Supreme Court Vic, law based on Biblical law
Annexure 4 NSW, Bathurst, Greek Orthodox proclamation of law as Biblical
Annexure 5 Australian mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed calls for Jews' genocide
Annexure 6 Waleed Aly, terror laws render Islamic worship terrorism


The assailing of reason by the courts is a political phenomenon which means that political* considerations and outcomes are part of the courts' function. Courts are therefore political and in countries such as Australia have usurped for themselves the role of guardianship of faith(s).

*"politics" derives from the Greek word for "culture"/"civilization", πολιτισμός, "city", πόλις, and the mechanics of govenance, πολιτικά, and includes in its ambit all of the elements that together form part of a "civilised society". The courts represent the political will of the people in the form of legal Acts legislated by the government. The courts therefore enforce the political views that underpin the legislation. The notion that there is an "apolitical judiciary" is high farce.

Misusing the language of international bodies, the courts, in cahoots with various religious spokespeople, have rendered all criticism of religion, such as criticism of the tenets of religions, illegal. In a 2006 legal judgment (Catch-the-Fire appeal), judge Marcia Neaves ruled that criticising the tenets of a faith is likely to engender hatred or derision or contempt for the group whose tenets of faith are criticised. Laying bare the judicial intent to suppress criticism of religions and their tenets, and defaming critics who do so, Neaves declared that the reading of religious tenets (such as those of the Koran which has been available for over 13 centuries) to an audience constitutes "hate speech" as those tenets are likely to engender hatred or ridicule of Muslims.


In the absence of Reason, The law according to "god":

george patton OZ jurist religion is basis of laws and values  book cover
A Textbook of Jurisprudence, January 25, 1973 by George Whitecross Paton

*George Whitecross Paton wrote that religious values underpin Australian (English) law.

Paton is cited by the British-Pakistai Mufti, Muhammad Taqi Usmani who writes that only in religion can the values of right and wrong, be found:

"... man should seek guidance from God and follow the revealed doctrines."

He quotes Paton (though this might be a translation from the English to Arabic, and then from Arabic back to English):

"The famous author of jurisprudence, George Paton has written: 'What interests should the real legal system protect? This is a question of values in which legal philosophy plays its part ... But however Much we desire the help of philosophy, it is difficult to obtain. No agreed scale of values has ever been reached indeed. It is only in religion that we can find a basis, and the truth of religion Must be accepted by faith or invitation and not purely on the result of logical argument. (Portion: Jurisprudences p. 121).'" p. 16, Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, "Islam and Modernism".

(Note:, the unusual capitalisations and disjointed sentences are how Paton's passage is quoted in the mufti's book)


Islam and Modeernism book cover
Islam and Modernism, by Muhammad Taqi Usmani

According to Mufti, Muhammad Taqi Usmani:

"... secular intellect has totally failed to define the good and the bad. Hence there is no solution to the problem except that the man should seek guidance from God and follow the revealed doctrines."

The values of "good" guidance found in the Koran. These are:

* wage jihad until all are Muslim;

* waging jihad is an act of good;

* jihad against non-Muslims is obligatory and being killed while killing non-Muslims gains the jihadi automatic entry to "Paradise".

In the 2009 exhibition and publication Humanist Transuhmanist these very Koranic passages, the constituent elements of Sharia, were cited and criticised.

koran is the source of sharia Sharia is to do what is commanded in Koran - kill, behead, murder
"The Koran is one of the main sources of Sharia", from the Australian government broadcaster (ABC).

Adolf Hitler defined by Christian morality
George Whitecross Paton wrote that Jurisprudence is based on the "truth of religion", a stance he shares with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis who based their philosophies on the Bible ( Christian fable of an "atheist" Hitler ).



A recent court decision against this author is written about by Israeli author Dov Ivry

dov ivry emilios kyrou mistrial in vakras case cover



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