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reason the enemy of belief

Unbowed Atheist first appeared as a Demetrios Vakras blog when 10 articles were published on 15 June 2013. These articles can still be found at


HItler, as he consistently proclaimed, was guided by "his Lord" to commit genocide. Guided by the hadith which call for the genocide of Jews and Koran which calls for the taking of hostages, Hamas perpetrated war crimes against Jews in October 2023. The USA, via that country's Supreme Court, is imposing Biblical laws on the population notwithstanding a constitutional ban on doing so. Additionally, the USA, which once championed the right to free speech is, via its Supreme Court, declaring any speech critical of religion to constitute "hostility to religion" as it seeks to curtail free speech if it touches on relgious views. The United Nations, having willingly been taken captive by the OIC, now tramples on the human rights it once declared as inviolable because of its sycophantic devotion to Islam. In Australia the judicial system is increasingly corrupted by the fanatical Christianity of judges who openly declare their devotion to the irrational in Law Journals. The same Bible that underpinned Adolf Hitler underpins Australian law. Religion, the irrational belief in a supernatural imaginary being, "god", is the primary vehicle behind untold horrors. In a rational world religion would not exist.

"... I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.." Adolf Hitler, p. 60, Mein Kampf (Manheim translation)"

… εγώ πιστεύω ότι ενεργούμε σύμφωνα με τη βούληση του Παντοδύναμου Δημιουργού: έτσι που προστατεύουμε εναντίον τον Εβραίων παλεύω για τα έργα του Κυρίου" Αδόλφος Χίτλερ, σ.60, Mein Kampf (Manheim translation into English, translated to Greek by unbowed atheist)

"GOD", YHWH/Ohrmazd/Jesus/Allah - without them we could not have had Hitler, Mohammed or ISIS